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  • Awesome. I'll probably give it a try. So hit it with bug and tar remover and then clay? I did this to my first F150 and I recall it took hours haha. Ok i'll order some of that too. I had the crap stuff at the time, I think it was made by Turtle Wax, was three dollars lol.

    Well you have a bit more knowledge than me in the detailing area, I'm vaguely good with it and used to do it for a dealership before I turned 18. Thats where I gained my buffer know how and washing techniques. But most of the products were blank or low quality stuff, you know how dealerships are.
    Cool man thanks. It turns out the swirl remover was #82. Any good? For $15.49 for a 32oz it sounds like it would be a good product though its cheaper than 105 - 205. Would the 105 - 205 method be better? Whenever I do work by hand I never apply hard pressure, only the weight of my palm in circular motions. I never let my fingers dig in, which is primarily why the pad can slip out of my hand, fall on the pavement, and send me straight to a loud cuss fit lol.

    But thanks for the heads up. Money is beginning to get better for me so soon enough I will be re-stocking on detailing supplies, since I moved down here and my neighbors have seen the work I do to my truck and the results they have been requesting some detailing work, so it never hurts.

    Glad to have a detailing guru on here :cheers:.

    Also while i'm at it, road tar on the panels after the rear tires, what would you suggest? Mild clay doesn't seem to be doing the work, step up to aggressive?
    lol ok. Thanks for the reply. So the #105 does remove swirling, but creates modest micro maring, and #205 repairs it to look as clear as glass. Ok sweet. Maybe i'll buy both. I used to wax right over #105 and the micro maring issue wasn't always too noticeable, maybe its cause I never had black paint?

    I'll probably buy both then if they both together will make a paint job look fantastic. So it does? If im right Meguiars had a swirl only polish too, 80 something, would that work fine too? Or should I stay with the #105 & #205 follow up route?

    And I dont use the PC for small spot treatment as hanging my extension cord on the ceiling of my garage is a PITA and lugging it out from my storage setup, so I was just wondering how well for small spot treatment on other vehciles, and for the cracks between the rear bumper and wheel well lips and such.
    I remember your comment about semi-low satisfactory on the Adams polish for swirl removal, and I must say I agree with you. I've used it for my past few personal details, and I detailed a friends car a month ago and when I looked at it just last night I saw a little haze line/modest swirl. I think i'll go back to Meguiars. I used to use #105 but after I ran out I switched to the Adam's polish.

    So regarding Meguiars refinishing polish, what would you suggest, #105, or #205? Since #205 is a newer model of #105, I have not been able to try #205 yet, but I only wanna buy one product. Would #205 itself ( without using #105 first as some of the F150online detailers suggest ) result in high satisfactory results? And how about when applied by hand? Better than most others?

    In your opinion, what is the best swirl correction product out there?

    Thanks Matt.
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