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  • Hey man I noticed a guy on F150Online wanting to buy a Chrome Bumper for his 06. I know the fogs would be different but if you are ready to sell yours you may msg him..

    WTB Chrome bumber for 06 Crew with fogs
    I have experience through Chase with an Amazon card and they've been great. That card I've kept paid off every month so I don't owe anything on it.

    Yeah if you miss a monthly payment HSBC will raise your minimum APR to the penalty APR of 24.99%. Out of three years with them I missed one payment, so now my minimum APR is outrageous and they will not lower it. It's a good thing I don't have much left on the card to pay off.
    I just paid off my TV (3 yr, no-interest plan) and luckily didn't run into any problems. From all my reading, though, they are very devious about how they run things.

    If one can make all payments each month then there shouldn't be a problem. From a customer service standpoint, though, I haven't read many things good. I almost ran into an issue paying my TV off, but it's a good thing I didn't. Had I not, I would have been hit with $1400 deferred interest and my minimum monthly payment would have gone from $25 to $125, along with a monthly fee for being in the negatives (deferred interest gets added to principle balance).

    Sorry that's long...essentially: if you can pay it off each month you'll be fine. If there are any problems whatsoever don't expect much sympathy. HSBC is not rated very well amongst the lenders.
    Well got a set of tires, 265/70/R17 Toyo M/T's and I love em, and quite a bit quiter then the coopers I previously had on. Get pics soon as i find a camera. But I was wondering, i've noticed in some of your pics you ran your M/T's in the winter how did they do?
    Hey Darren, had a question, I don't really do much tire shopping but right now I'm in need of a new set soon with the Blue truck I recently got, I don't see myself lifting the truck anytime soon so I think I'll stick with the 285/70R17's, I didn't mind the Cooper Discoverer STT's. But I like the Toyo Open Country M/T's you have for obvious reasons. But, when i priced them out at the local tire shop they said $2500 for all four, and I think even you would agree thats a little high. Which brings me to ask, is there a particular site that offers a reasonable price for the toyo's that ships to Canada, also if there are any other tires that you would recommend, I don't want all season or any of that kinda stuff just aggressive tread patterns like the toyo's but nothing too aggressive like super swampers.
    yeah i know about the tips, but the truck i'm looking at has a 6" pro-comp lift and i think the tips aren't exactly big enough, would notice the small tips easily
    what tune would you recommend

    *edit* also i'm just gonna run this idea by you since you tend to know more about exhaust then everyone else. Obviously when I get the truck, exhaust is the first thing i'm gonna do. and i was gonna have the exhaust exit out the back instead of how we have them (out the sides behind the tire), BUT instead of two tips out the back I was thinking "4" just after the axle, have the shop add a small Y-Pipe at the end of each pipe and put 2 18"x3" slash cut tips on each side (possibly 4" but might be kinda big)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP9J_3IqVvo - video that got me interested on the idea. Thanks for the input.
    Quick question, so i've been planning on trading in my truck for awhile now (yea another F150) and I found a 2007 FX4, and I read on a few posts and comments on youtube that you have to tune the truck for dual exhaust or it will run lean? is this true or did they solve the problem in the earlier F150's? Thanks.
    He must be phasing them out. I couldn't find it with the usual Google search so I checked my order history. It says "Product deleted from database."

    I'm glad you brought it up, though. I've been wanting to get a new one so I can do a little browsing now. If I were to recommend another unit based on what I've read I'd say go with a Viper 5901. That's if he includes pre-wiring and installation instructions. Not sure if he does for Viper units or not. The 5902 is the newer version, but it's an extra $150 for a color remote--the units are exactly the same otherwise.
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