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  • Whats going on man! Caught your screen name and felt I would catch up with ya! Do you still come around here or on F150Online? Still have the truck?
    Do you have the Weathertech DigitalFit floor mats? If so did you purchase from Amazon? I am about to pull the $187 trigger on a set.
    Hey bud, my friend is looking at some HIDs and I told him to stay away from DDM. Which HIDs did you go with back in May when you did that Glare test with the NOS can? I found the old thread bud didn't see which ones you went with. I wanna go retrofit eventually. he doesn't wanna spend that much so he's going with just a kit.

    You have a link to it?

    Oh ok. So basically if you miss one they come at you hard, especially at 0% interest. Ok. I'm looking to buy some electronics and considering the card, i'll ask to compare Chase to HSBC.
    Hey Matt. Was just curious about your post in my thread about not recommending HSBC bank, why is that exactly? Just curious. Non fixed rates?
    Yeah I may go to our local car audio guy and check his prices or check out Bestbuy one of these days, the local one is pretty good. They helped me with issues on my Suburban's stereo for free, they seem to know what they are doing and I can tear them a new one if they mess anything up :D
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