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  • Might keep that in mind, I really want it for the remote start and the motion sensor too. I hate getting in my truck this time of year and its cold outside by the time I get to work it is just warming up :fume: Summer is same way after work it is hot as can be inside but it doesn't cool off till I get home.

    Which Viper System are you looking at? I have to save up for my Tire fund :lol: right now, my stock BFGs are getting really low tread right now. I want to get an alarm right after the wheels and tires just for extra secruity. I keep a pistol locked up in my truck occasionally too not to mention my rifle, or bow during hunting season. I think an alarm system is good money spent honestly
    Hey man do you mind sending me a link to that alarm you got from KCautosound? I can't find it on their website anymore :(. Maybe you can I can't remember the model
    ah that really sucks. I was ready to buy one and looking very forward to it. Well I'll give a call sometime and ask him if there are any still left in stock or what would my best options be.
    Is the CA-671 remote start still available? I can't find it on their site anymore. I'll call em tomorrow but wanted to check with ya
    i'll save and see. Only mods I want to do to this truck now are transferable ones because I do want a younger truck, in FX4 trim, Supercrew 6'5 also. Doube din what exactly does that mean,real huge? vs the basic small radios with a ugly map space under it? I definitely want a full screen in there to clean the look up and function awesome. But, a D90 seems like a much better purchase before a sound system. So ill have to wait and see. How did the GPS part work out? Plug & play? Or do you need to mount a sensor or something somewhere and run wire? The GPS has me highly interested after my g/fs awful directions.

    And dang, sounds like the PHP crew haha, real busy. Well if the install is simple and safe to do I will consider trying it, remote start is a definite this year. I'll do it now but I actually want to hold off until fall but be ready.
    thanks for your replies man, much appreciated. So the AVIC Z110BT runs under $1k, thats good, I might look into it more. your videos on youtube display just how awesome it is and how damn near hands free it is. I like it, especially being touchscreen.

    And thanks for the starter info. I have seen you recommend Travis from KCsound and expected to hear you suggest him, I will get in touch when available. Can you give me a ball park price range of what it ran you?
    Hey man. Any suggestions on a fairly priced HU, $400 - $1,000 range, 7" screen, Navigation, mp3 player/ipod capabilities, and direct replacement? And any suggestions where to buy?

    Also I recall you installed your remote start yourself. How easy was that? I am not comfortable with cutting and splicing but remote start is a must this year. Willing to spend $500 tops on that, just want start up/down options from a fair distance. The OEM remote fob replacement would be cool too so there aren't two remotes. Any suggestions for me?

    Thanks man.
    hey no problem about the pics I ordered one anyways, but they are laggin behind on those. :jrod: said they are having issues with the supplier on those. Good luck on classes
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