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  • I had to move my exhaust as it did hit. but only a little. and yours comeout in the way or not. maybe we need to put the trucks side by side and see?
    You saw mine I had it made at billet badges in San Marcus but the guy lives in Ramona. you could hook up in Ramona. For me he asked what the theme was behind my truck. what is my truck for? What is the purpose of the mods. This should give you an idea for the badge. he already has the measurements from mine.
    if his truck isnt ready let him just go with you, i have a shit load of buddies that go off roading around here with us up north but no one is willing to drive that far for 1 night haha
    but if you dont go thats drops it down to like 30% chance im going

    because i dont want it just being me and larry
    ok here is my situation, my friend said he is going with me and he will help me on gas

    and my gf is trying to get the day off work so her and her little brother come

    so thats like 100% sure im going but with my life im just going to say 90% haha
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