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Aug 21, 2013
Jan 8, 2010
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Ramona CA

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281Ci, from Ramona CA

Fordfanatic101 was last seen:
Aug 21, 2013
    1. OG-Larryw1
      It doesn't look good for me. I can't seem to get away. I want to go. I am missing out on all kinds of stuff. My son-in-law want me to go to the desert this weekend and next weeked to Glamis. but I can't find the time.
    2. Mixedbreed
      nah the price still just 275 dollars I just don't wanna have to drive down to san diego.
      you know what I mean? I'm not tryna be an ass
    3. Mixedbreed
      LA area, i will charge you gas if i have to go to SD. your already getting them without shipping cost yet i am driving down.
    4. Mixedbreed
      ok. i am coming down friday so i will bring them with me. did you want the valance too?
    5. Mixedbreed
      So you don't want them at all? I can wait dude. Not forever but a few days ain't gonna hurt
    6. Mixedbreed
      no i am not. sorry. i fly to redding that day
    7. ak_cowboy
      My stockers were just power adjust. So I wasn't expecting anything extra, though some guys have had all the necessary wires and got everything to work by plugging it in.
    8. Shanks12
      That's what I was just thinking.. Shockwarehouse has them for $460... so that can't be right..
    9. Shanks12
      man.. 4 months.. I was just reading on F150Online that some people were having problems getting them in.. and some would get them the next week..

      And yeah that makes sense to me... My shocks are blown yet, just looking for a better ride, and possibly getting rid of the 2" spacer.. Seems like EVERYONE loves their 5100's

      I was just looking at their site and it doesn't show a different set for front and rear. Is this link right. I figured they cost more than that..

      And sounds like you REALLY needed them.. :lol:
    10. Shanks12
      Hey Bud, what do you think of the Bilstien 5100's.. Considering getting a set soon and putting them on 2" and getting rid of the 2" leveling kit I have now...

      I see 4wheelparts has them for $335 for Front/Rear and then 25% off install..

      How's the ride since you put them on.. Firmer or softer than stock?
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  • About

    Ramona CA
    Real Name:
    Desert, lake, rock crawling


    4.6 281ci TRITON :ford:
    Performance: PHP Gryphon, Troyer E-fans & UDPs, S&B CAI, Roush OR Exhaust. Hawk PC
    Appearance: 4" CF Cowl hood, S331 grill, Recon smoked tails & 3rd brake, Black Rhino Rockwells, 285-75-17 Nitto TG's, Bilstein 5100s F/R
    Audio: P4300, CerwinVega Vmax 10", Fusion 6.5" components, Kenwood Amps
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