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Mar 25, 2010
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Columbus, GA

It started Friday afternoon when I was getting everything together. A friend of mine showed up at the shop and he just had to have my help with is chain saw. I fixed it then he broke the pull cord trying to start it. He threw off my pretrip mojo. So I then had to rush to in order to link up with my buddy when he gets off work. I arrived at his house right when he did. I started tossing our gear in the back of the cab while he was inside getting his stuff. We were supposed to hit some significant rain so we could not haul anything in the bed. While I am checking out the truck out comes my buddy with his girlfriend. It was then he informed me she was going with us. Well, I guess it is a good thing he is not into fat girls. She folded herself up and got into the back with all of our gear. During the trip to Tennessee I forgot she was back there a few times. We arrived around 3am their time and went to bed. I woke a little before sun up and got to work. I expected my friend to wake up shortly thereafter. So I make the repairs, center the load, make sure all the straps and chains are good, pretrip the truck and trailer and get it all hooked up. I even have time to have a leisurely breakfast (a burger I got at a truck stop on the way up) and enjoy a cool Tennessee morning on the front porch in the mountains. I did all this while the both of them were still snoring away in bad. I figured his promise to get up, get done and get on the road early was all talk. So some time after 10am I lose my patience and wake them up. I swear it took another hour of them “rushing” to get on the damn road finally. Shortly after we get on the road my buddy informs me he wants to detour through Murfreesboro to see his brother. I did not even know he had a brother. What can I do? We are using his truck. While he was visiting I was checking the load and the rim clamps. It was then I found one of the bolt holes on the hub was stripped and would not hold the rim clamp in place. Back on the road we go and I am closely watching that tire, the same tire that came off during the first attempt. We made regular stops so I could retorque as needed. The traffic through Knoxville was a bit rough for a Saturday. But finally about an hour before sun down we make it to my aunt’s house.

Now the fun begins. We got the truck stuck and tore up her back yard because it was a lot softer than we thought it would be. We had to drop the tractor so we could get the truck and trailer out. Now, remember the chain saw I had to repair. Yeah, I forgot to load the ramps. We push the rear off and the rims with no tires made a thud and then sank. But, surprisingly we were able to keep pushing. Then when the real weight hit the rear of the trailer the tongue flew up in the air and was stopped by the safety chains. Somewhere in middle Tennessee the nut to on the ball worked off. If the load was not centered as well as it was we would have lost that trailer somewhere. We got the truck and trailer out of the yard. But now that Massey was sitting about 100 feet away from the basement door and sinking into the soft clay. We used boards, a come-along, and a lot of chains to hand crank it that distance. We parked the truck at a 90 Degree angle to the door and hooked to a spare hitch we brought.

We got the Massey put to bed and covered with a tarp so my aunt does not have to look at. I have no idea when I will get to work on it. But if the trouble I have had so far is any indication of the hassle and expense of the project completion, I might just leave it where it sits.

Texas Jim

Texas..It's a Whole 'nuther Country
Jun 18, 2009
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Ft. Worth
Louis, that sounds a lot like some of the stuff I get drug in on...:facepalm: :crackup:

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