Quik's '02 twin turbo RCSB


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Mar 19, 2011
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Kelowna B.C.
Wow that truck is badass, would be a fun street truck to play around with some sports cars :thumbs:

Q u i k

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Sep 18, 2010
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yep still a 12s truck
well i did however achieve my intial goals of going 1/10 faster then previous and trapping near 125 for first time out

1_sik_lsx said:
went to the track tonigh to get some shake down passes with the new setup. first off im very pleased with the Ls7 clutch as its holding well so far, nothing broke tonight, no over heating, nothing out of ordinary.
today it was a very hot and humid day. 85* for outside temp and 60% humidity
not knowing what to expect i made my first pass right off trailer. motor and turbos had no heat in them, also couldnt do burnout as it bogged trying to do so. 30psi in the tires, air filters, head lights cut outs closed. off idle launch, just wanted to get a feel for truck. I had horrible traction issues as i spun 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th. i almost crossed lanes so with that slip nothing special.
2.295 60'
9.25 1/8
82.67 1/8
13.6 @ 119
thats 37mph on the back half of track
so next pass temp was still the same. I found a tire gauge and dropped psi down to 20* in the 20" drag radials, i pulled the filters, head lights and opend the cutouts.
i came out around 1800 rpms (still dont want to chance hurting the ls7 clutch)
this time i as able to do a burnout but not the best. with this my IATs were already above 120* and i aggressivly pull timing above this. i was 6-7* timing less then i had dyno'd at. i also havent got chance to retune for the fast 102 yet so my AFRs were 10.1 -10.3 ...........i had also spun 1st 2nd and 3rd and 4th finally hooked and it scooted
1.99 60'
8.0 1/8
96.5 1/8 mph
12.0 @ 124
before these two passes i hadnt made a wot run in truck yet.
i also had my rev limter set low and shift light only 6100 rpms. i was trying to get a feel for the setup and im very pleased with the results tonight. I knew i would of had 130s in it if i was able to make another pass but they called it a night cause of the severe storms rolling in
once i get the truck to act solidly then ill worry about launching and ET.
once videos upload ill post them

o btw this was no were near the power level its capable of, no reason to run on full tilt when your still trying to work bugs out.
i finally got the clutch master cylinder/pedal setup figured out. since 07 ive had issues untill i tore my dash out and installed the bracket for the pedal and plated my fire wall with 2- 1/8 plates for the master, also installed a proper bushing for the pedal's ball n socket

i however need to find a set of real tires. im going to look into my options for 18" stickie tires. since i went with 14" brakes im stuck with minimal 18" rims, currently on 20" drag radials nittos at that

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