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  • Congrats on the winning the SEC east title!!! That was a butt whooping you put on us LOL. If we could not go to the title game, I could not think of a better guy/team than the Ol' Ball Coach/SC to represent....good luck!
    That's pretty close. Mine was about $300 when I bought it, although price has come down. Keep in mind, too, that with pre-wiring and the PATS Bypass you're looking at another $65 bucks or so.

    Honestly, though, if I were to re-do mine (which I probably will after graduation), I'd go with the Viper system. Mainly because of the SmartStart App. It basically gives you unlimited range. While I won't need it since I won't be across campus from my truck anymore, it would be a nice thing to have. It would run about $400 all together, which is not bad considering low-end models cost that to be professionally installed.

    If you're going for budget + performance (which I was), Code Alarm seems to have the best options.
    Darren asked the same thing not too long ago. Looks like he stopped selling that model. It was a CA-671.
    Waiting to see how long it will last. Was asked not to use it on another site because the women found it offensive. :lol:
    cuase we want to go down there in the winter or spring and spend a few days fishing and chillin out.
    know anything about the fishing down there?
    i called 4wheelparts today and they said the one part they were waiting on come in tomorrow. Hopefully it should be in this friday/saturday. no later than tuesday. lol
    you got any good spots to hunt?? cuase i want to win this thing!!
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