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  • Nah.... A friend, on another forum, made it for me. I got too frustrated, trying to make one. Yes, made the pic click-able....Cool :)
    yeah the chevy is the off road vehicle there is a thread in the off road section i think its titled something like 1st time out with the chevy or something like that
    not so much with my truck but when I owned my supra I couldn't help but drive fast all the time. I'm in mesa too
    The main problem is going to be the reduced cooling above 35mph, unless you switch it off. Once you reach about 35mph there's enough air flowing through the grill and radiator to keep the engine cool without a fan, and above that speed a spinning fan actually starts to block airflow. This is why clutch fans were invented in the first place. You'll want to turn the fan off at those speeds. You could rig it with a temp sensor that would shut it off below the closing temp rating of the sensor, and then use a fairly high temp rating (like 210 degrees) but that gets kinda complicated.

    Why not just keep the clutch fan? It's really a very good way to keep the engine cool.
    Yes, you can do that (wired to a switch) and it should work... to a point.

    You'll probably encounter a couple of problems though, such as forgetting to turn it on (overheating), forgetting to turn it off (dead battery), and reduced cooling at anything over about 35mph.

    To address the problem of the first two issues you might be tempted to hook it up to the ACC terminal, so it comes on only when the key is turned. That can work, but you'll need to do it with a relay, or risk blowing the fuse on the ACC terminal. That would also prevent you from running it with the engine off (to help cool down a really hot engine after a long drive) but that's not such a big deal.
    i allways wanted to get an old 70's corvette body and got to town with sheetmatel and bondo!!
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