Would you like to know how to release a jammed seat belt?


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Mar 25, 2010
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Columbus, GA
Recently I posted a question about the seat belt I have inmy 2000 ranger that was jammed. I had gutted my interior and both the seatbelts fully retracted. I received advice stating once I reinstall them theywill sit in the correct position and release. That was true for the driver sidebut not the passenger. It remained locked up even after I tried manipulating itwith my hand and tapping on it with a small hammer. However, a buddy of minehad the same issue and told me how to fix it and it worked. So, I will nowshare that information with you all.

Sorry ahead of time for not posting photographs. I did nothave a camera with me at the time I did this job. Also, I do not know what kindof seat belt you may have but this method does work on the later model Fordseat belts. It may work on others as well. Anyhoo, the first thing you need isa jammed seat belt. If you do not have one go get one.

This step is the tricky part. I thought if I popped theplastic cover off it would ruin the seat belt. It will, if you do not do itcorrectly. Gently work the sold plastic cover off with a small screwdriver. Yes, you will break the plastic rivets. However, if you take your timeand work it off slowly it will snap back on. DO NOT remove the side with a two piececover. That is where the coil is and that will pop off easy. Luckily I caughtwhat I was about to do before that coil sprung out.

Once you get the cover off a white gear might fall out. Donot worry; you have to remove it any way to keep from losing it. It rides inthe center of the mechanism and just sits in place. Just make sure the other planetarygears stay where they are.

Next, gently remove the plastic gear assembly. Thereare springs, levers and so in place. It will remove as a unit, but be carefulto keep everything where it is suppose to me.

Now you are at the problem area. Too much belt has retractedinto the roll and the locking piece does not have enough room to release. Justhold down the metal lock and reroll out the seat belt by hand. At that point itwill work on its own.

Once you get it to where it will spin and lock freely; use apair of locking pliers to prevent it from retracting again.

Then just reverse the process. Make sure along the way thateverything is still working as it should.

If you removed the plastic cover with care, it should snapback into to place.

That is all there is to it.


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May 17, 2009
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They can be a royal pain once removed and fully retracted.

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