UOA from a Toyota Tundra with 4.7 V8 with 21,500 miles on oil


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Jul 1, 2009
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This is a customers vehicle. He started running AMSOIL's OE about two years ago. This past oil change he basically didn't make it in to have it changed in over 12 months and 21,500 miles on the oil. He said he just lost track of time. The oil filter is a Car Quest Blue and not sure of his air filter. I will have to check it next time he comes in. Here is the report from Blackstone. Now remember the OE oil is supposed to be changed same as what the manufacture recommends, which in his case around 7,500 miles or so. I also have pictures of the filter cut open. CQ blue are not bad filters. I have been getting the red filters but they changed to a black can color now.

Also, his oil level was down about 3/4 of a qt. Which is amazing to have gone that long and only used that much oil. Most I change out at that high a mileage have used at least a qt.

Another thing is this was used on some what short trips. He lives 15 miles from work so 30 miles round trip. Pluse a few trips down south for work as well.

Total mileage on his truck is 214k.

Derick's Tundra doesn't look too bad, but there was more aluminum in the sample than we like to see. Iron's up, 
too, but that's an element that tracks with miles and is actually good on a per mile basis. Universal averages are for an 
oil run of 6,800 miles. Aluminum tends to stick closer to the average, so there was some extra piston wear. The silicon 
could show dirt getting past the air cleaner, which would account for the piston wear. The TBN was very low, showing 
the oil's additive package was depleted. Drop the interval to 15,000 miles and check back.

OIL             AMSOIL OE 5w-30  Universal 
MILES IN USE    21,500            averages          
MILES           214,054                  
SAMPLE TAKEN    7/15/2016        

ALUMINUM        6              3          
CHROMIUM        1              0
IRON            17             7
COPPER          1              3
LEAD            0              1
TIN             0              1     
MOLYBDENUM      64             73
NICKEL          0              0    
MANGANESE       0              0    
SILVER          0              0    
TITANIUM        1              1    
POTASSIUM       3              2   
BORON           33             48   
SILICON         33             14   
SODIUM          18             39  
CALCIUM         1918           2031
MAGNESIUM       9              226 
PHOSPHORUS      619            674
ZINC            771            798
BARIUM          0              0
SUS VIS 210ºF   66.4          56-63         
cSt @ 212ºF     11.98         9.1-11.3      
FLASHPOINT ºF   375           >365
Fuel%		<0.5         <2.0	   
Antifreeze%     0              0
Water%          0              <0.1
INSOLUBLES      0.3            <0.6     
TBN             0.7            >1.0



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May 26, 2009
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Damn, I guess I can go a little longer than what I've been changing it. He only burned up 3/4 of a quart in 21K and my trucks using a quart every 4K. Of course, my shit gets driven like somebody stole the damn thing. :D

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May 26, 2009
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Wow, impressive. My truck would also have gone through all 6 quarts in 21.5k miles :D:

Ok, not quite, but probably half the oil would have been new at that point. Perfectly normal according to GM :rolleyes: :lol:

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