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May 17, 2009
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WARNING: We absolutely reserve the right to ban or suspend anyone for any reason and without warning.

You must read and understand these simple rules before posting.
This is a WIDE OPEN FORUM loosely dedicated to people who own and like TRUCKS, SUVs, JEEPS (or just hanging out and having fun). We also provide a quite entertaining "OFF TOPIC" section. Hell, the whole place gets pretty random at times. If you can't deal with that, I suggest you go play somewhere else. I expect you to try and act like an adult here whenever possible. If it's not possible you should be ready to be hammered and ridiculed by the other members.
This is not church... they will eat you here.

This is the internet. Some people will not agree with you. Some people will piss you off. Some people are just plain stupid. Get over it.

TMC Golden Rule: No vehicle brand name bashing or member location bashing allowed.

WHY? This is a site for truck enthusiasts... of all kinds. If you want to talk trash about what YOU think is the best truck, go to one of the "brand X only" sites and beat your chest. Don't do it here. Same goes for trashing somebody else's truck or the state they live in. Don't do it here. Talk about your favorite all you want... it's just not necessary to cut down somebody else's truck or home state to get your point across. Bashing the Honda Ridgeline is acceptable... since it only acts like it is a truck but is not a truck.

Feel free to start your own threads!
This is YOUR forum and the topics of discussion are up to you (within the rules). Please take a minute and place your thread in the appropriate section. If you don't know where to place it, post it anyway. We can always move it if needed. Don't put other forum names, web addresses, or NSFW words in your thread titles. Otherwise...Don't be shy! We can't see you sitting there in your underwear... or can we? :wtf:

Post in English:
This is not the place for text speak. Save that crap for your text buddies (if they will put up with it). Keystrokes are free here...
Please take the few extra seconds it takes to write legibly.

We are all adults here. but we are not going to be the "potty mouth poster child" of forums. Call it like you see it... but keep the expletives to a reasonable level and nobody gets hurt. Once again, this is not church.

DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS or all lowercase without punctuation.

There is no need to scream and that crap is hard to read. Repeatedly posting in ALL CAPS or may result in pissing off the staff. DON'T MAKE YOUR THREAD TITLES ALL CAPS! Use caps where necessary and leave the all lower case and all caps crap to the text geeks.

Religion, race & sexual orientation:
These things don't have a place here. Threads about these topics always turn into a big fight with no winner.

TMC "On-Topic" rules:
Unlike many other forums, this place is pretty wide open to discussion. If you are looking for an "on topic all of the time" forum... this place will seriously piss you off (and you probably need therapy). We actually encourage random thread detours here and we will discuss damn near anything (and provide smartass responses) ...
BUT... as a courtesy, threads in the "Let's Talk Trucks" section need to stay as on topic as much as possible at least until a poster's question is answered. You would expect the same courtesy if it was your thread.


This is NOT a site about or for discussion of things political. Sure, there may be an occasional joke, satire, or politically motivated comment. We are adults right? Some things are political in nature. Make your comment when it's appropriate and move on.
Anything that turns into a lengthy political discussion will likely be closed or deleted... depending on our mood. If you don't like that, start your own forum.

In the interest of personalizing your space here, we encourage the use of a signature pic, but just one signature pic, not a gallery. The maximum size allowed for a signature pic is 550 (wide) by 175 (tall). Be Creative!

Links to other forums and to sales/commerce sites are not allowed in your signature (except for Forum Sponsors) and may be removed without warning. Also,if you choose to add a quote to your signature, please only include one quote and try to make it of reasonable length. Having chapters from books or entire conversations in your signature is just wasteful. :D

This is not a porn site:
There are already a zillion of those. Keep your posts out of the X-rated zone. This does not mean that there will not be a “Hot Women" thread, or maybe a "Chicks & Trucks" thread full of scantily clad babes. It just means leave the porn somewhere else. You know what the difference is.

Classified ads & selling in general:
Members welcome to use the classifieds section to post legally obtained personal property for sale. New users must have 40 posts to create a new thread in the classifieds. Business / commercial ads are allowed for site sponsors.
NO FIREARMS FOR SALE ads are to be posted at any time. No pirated music, software, copies, or otherwise illegal materials are to be posted at any time.

Private messages:
Private messages are just that. Private. Posting of private messages in the public forum is grounds for immediate removal from TMC.

File sharing policy:

TMC does not endorse, advocate or participate file sharing. No sharing of ANY copyrighted material is to be conducted on this site - PERIOD!
This includes music, video, shop manuals, etc.

The ban hammer:

Although we like characters here, and encourage avid participation in most threads, we WILL BAN YOUR ASS if you come here and start disrupting the place. The other members deserve better than that. We reserve the right to ban you for any reason at anytime.

Can't we all just get along?:
If the thought of somebody posting something that might "offend" you is a problem, you might want to reconsider whether you want to be here or not. It's the internet. Some people will not agree with your every thought. Get over it.

Feel free to PM the moderation staff if you see something that needs attention. If a discussion gets out of hand, the moderators will step in and deal with it. You may or may not always like the results.



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