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Synthetic Advantage LLC ISO certified oil analysis.

Discussion in 'Synthetic Advantage' started by Black02Silverado, Aug 12, 2022.

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    Synthetic Advantage ISO certified Oil Analysis - fast, accurate results normally the day the sample is received at the lab 5 days a week

    A one of a kind service that is fully interpreted by a 40+ year tribologist. Synthetic Advantage will work with you to follow up on what we find in your report. Science based answers that save you money and time. No guessing or asking online; "what does this mean?"

    Tuner Kit $65 - reveals FTIR combustion dynamic, tune efficiency, GC fuels dilution, KF water content, Glycol, residual fuel additive, soot deposits, and wear additive in oil remaining.

    Advanced Kit $158 - reveals all Tuner results with 20 ICP wear and additive elements tested, 40 and 100C viscosity readings, viscosity index, TBN and TAN

    Contact me via PM or email at [email protected] with your mailing and email address

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