Nitrous System Theory, Selection, and Tuning


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Sep 12, 2010
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As modern engines become more difficult to modify, the use of nitrous oxide to obtain phenomenal performance gains is on the rise and for good reason. We firmly believe that our nitrous systems and related products are the highest quality, performance and value available anywhere in the world. We can make this claim because we’ve been manufacturing nitrous systems and components since 1978.

Among the many true bolt-on perform-once enhancing products available, there are few that can even came close to comparing to the dramatic results of a power increase provided by one of our nitrous systems. In both the simplicity and reliability that you get when you install a nitrous system that carries our world-famous NOS logo, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to produce the one thing everyone is always searching for more of... POWERl

When you consider all of the options you have to get an engine to release all of the potential power it can, there is no equal to the ability nitrous oxide provides you. If you look at a nitrous oxide system an a dollar per horsepower basis, you’ll find that a nitrous system from NOS can provide the greatest value for each dollar of your precious investments. Our experience throughout the years has proven to us that performance enthusiasts and racers alike are most impressed by the ability to add 10 to 200 horsepower within a period of just a few hours. By carefully choosing the correct system for your applications, you’ll be assured of a performance increase and reliability factor that could only be compared to doubling the size of your engine by simply activating your NOS nitrous system!

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