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Nitrous Oxide vs. Other Performance Products

Discussion in 'Nitrous Oxide' started by skeet, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Port Arthur Texas
    Dollar for dollar, nitrous oxide offers the most performance a consumer can buy. You could spend thousands of dollars on carburation, a manifold, valve train components, exhaust, pistons, porting, supercharging, or turbocharging to get the same amount of extra horsepower that a nitrous system would provide for just a few hundred dollars. But this doesn’t mean you won’t benefit if you also install other performance parts. Once you have installed a nitrous system, all those other performance parts just increase the nitrous power. If you just have a few dollars and want lots of extra power, the best choice is an NOS nitrous system.

    Only nitrous is a part time power increaser. All 0f the standard performance parts put additional stress on the engine and burn more fuel all the time; not to mention what a pain it is to ride around town with a lumpy idle from a camshaft that is barely streetable. Power on demand is one of the great things about a nitrous system; it only works when the driven wants it. All the rest 0f the time, the engine operates normally; no extra stress, no extra fuel use, and no driveline problems.

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