My new nitrous set up coming soon


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Sep 12, 2010
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Port Arthur Texas
That thing looks fast just sitting there, how's the progress on the motor going?

thanks the progress on the motor is coming along, we're waiting on the pistons as i type, hopeing see them this coming week. but besides that its going along great

David you got more money than sense! Finally sold those 2 LS1's just a second ago....

So if you hit 10.6 on the 6.0 whats the goal on the new motor? :ohnoes:

i gave up alot for this damn thing, it cost me 5 days off with the family ( i did have thanksgiving off) but that was it i been on 16s since monday before last, finally was forced to take this weekend off.

the goals you speak of? hmmm id say 10s on the 408 NA 9s on the nitrous

Holy Hell! What is the new setup going to be? a 408 with a 350 shot? :devil:

correct except for the nitrous, shes being built to handle whatever i decide to put through it, probably 400 tops with a 2 stage of course

You're still going for the 10.99 on the 6.0, right? :fume: I'm more excited for that than anything with the truck. :lol:

Looks like it should be nasty, man. Any timeline for the 408 going in?

great minds think alike ;) yes i am, as for time line, i was planning on putting the 408 in, in jan. but i think im gonna hold off, i still wanna push the stock 6 liter to its limits so it might be march.. im in no hurry as of right now, i been reading alot about nitrous and following steve johnson's and monte smiths postings on yellow bullet, i feel if i can follow there procedures on the nitrous i should be ok

You do know that 6.0 has powder metal rods in it dont you?

wasnt that the early model 6.0s from like 03 down? 04 up is suppose to be stronger ? either way they'll be fine ;) this stock 6 liter has seen 7600 rpms not that i need to run that high but i have faith she'll be fine as long as the tune with nitrous is dead on ..

lets get realistic on the 10.9x run NA, Jon posted ( i calculated also ) i would need about 60 more hp to the wheels to gain .4 , is it possible? i doubt it, would i rule it out? no, anthing is possible but it would have to be the best conditions ever. is there a away i can get the 60?, i have no idea since i feel im exhausted on boltons, i will tweak the tune more and work with the timing and leaning out the fueling, can i gain from there? sure i can.. how much ? i have no idea. in all fairness i think ive done a great job for even taking a 4016 lb truck into the 11s ( 11.39 ) period. so whatever jan. brings so be it, that'll be the last month she runs on the stock short block ;)

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