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How To Resize Images

Discussion in 'Our Forum HOW TO' started by daddy, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. daddy

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    May 17, 2009
    Pawnee, IN
    The easiest way to resize your images is to use Photobucket and tell it to limit the size of the image upon upload. If you want to crop and resize that can also be done post upload on Photobucket or you can use the free web tool below.

    I tried this and it works just fine for sig pic purposes. You won't be able to get too flashy but it's free and easy.



    1. Opening -
    -1a. Select the local file using the "Browse" button. Do not change any settings.
    -1b. Click "Upload".

    2. Resizing -
    Clicking the little box with the four green arrows in it allows resizing of the image.
    -2a. Leave the "Aspect Ratio" check box checked when resizing using the Height and Width boxes. When you change one, clicking on the other field will change that one automatically.
    -2b. Click apply to apply the changes.
    Note: Anything bigger than 550 or so pixels wide is probably overkill and bad for the Dial-Up Gang.

    3. Cropping -
    Clicking the scissors image allows for cropping the image.
    -3a. Drag the red lines on the box, do not worry about the numbers in the entry fields above the image.
    -3b. Click apply to apply the changes.

    4. Saving
    - File>Save
    -4a. You may save directly to your computer and then upload the new image to your preferred hosting site.
    -4b. You may also save your image automatically to imageshack.us and copy/paste the provided link from the application into your signature.

    5. Screwing Up
    -5a. Undo, undo, undo.

    Hope this is helpful.

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