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4l60e/Auto-Trac Query: WHAT THE FWONK?!?!

Discussion in 'Mechanic's Corner' started by bubbatrucklover, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Jan 17, 2010
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    I will give a semi- condensed timeline leading up to the question (s) and keep the extra commentary to a minimum. A few years ago I was driving my 2002 Silverado from point A to point B. All kinds of noises started happening and I pulled to the side of the road. My transmission didn't have but a few years and minimal miles (less than 25,000) on a build from a (what I may believe now) once reputable transmission shop.

    So first reaction Transfer Case. Purchased one with a 3 year warranty from a national chain junk yard. At the time I was friends with a tow truck driver who would ALWAYS tow vehicles to a particular shop whom had gained his respect. I had spoken to the man several times about my truck in the past. He "SEEMED" to know what he was talking about. He swapped the T-cases (I won't get into how long it took him. :frustration:) He then told me nothing seemed to be wrong with it that it was THE TRANSMISSION. The transmission shop who rebuilt it had since gone out of business. (This was after umpteen years of being around so they weren't fly by night.) I then tasked him with dropping the trans. (I WON'T go into how long THAT took him either. :fume::frustration:) 20/20 hindsight I think mine was the FIRST 4 wheel drive he had worked on.

    So last year I found someone who I could "trust" to rebuild my trans. (He was a manager at the box chain car parts store I frequent AND managed a trans shop for 3 years. He rebuilt several of his own for his drag car AND other peoples'. He also had his own small repair business he ran out of his garage.) He then "rebuilt" my trans. Had my truck towed to his friend's shop. They put my truck back together. there were some parts missing (from jack ass number one) AND he noticed that part of the wiring harness looked like "it had been chewed up by rats". NO CLUE WHAT THE FWONK HAPPENED for it to look like the attached pic. :chipper:

    He reassured me they would address the issues and the next day his friend finished putting it back together. TWO things I want to interject at this point. ONE I was basically blind for most of last year and slated for back to back cataract surgery so I was at the mercy of what any one told me to be true (very little ability to verify by sight) and TWO. His friend and another friend ran a part time FOUR WHEEL DRIVE shop. (This is pertinent to the stupidity I will explain). Rock crawlers, mud trucks etc. He took the truck for a test drive around it didn't seem right but, said we'd address issues after my surgeries.

    After I regained sight and drove a little I noticed no speedometer AND wouldn't shift out of 1st when in third BUT, would shift from first to second when in second. 50 MPH was all I could do. He said he thought he new what he had done wrong and would rebuild the trans I gave him (which I thought he had done) as he was going to rebuild it for his drag car anyway. The short of it is IT NEVER HAPPENED and he "fell of the planet".:fume:

    I have been driving (subject to interpretation) for about 8 months working at a shit job I hate because I am limited in travel. Recently 2 guys who are like younger brothers blessed me with a 4l60e and trans case with less then 3,000 miles on a re build. :fingertime:

    So when draining the t-case in my truck MAYBE 4-6 ounces came out (This is where the FOUR WHEEL DRIVE shop reference is pertinent for NOT filling up a t-case). HOW DID MY TRUCK EVEN RUN WITHOUT GRINDING, THROWING OUT SPARKS AND SPEWING OUT METAL????

    NEXT the attached pic WAS the current state of my wiring harness prior to cutting and splicing in new wire. (OBVIOUSLY heat shrunk and tapped).

    FWONKED T-case Wire.jpg

    The cut wire is (purple with gray/white? stripe) the one that's chattered bad is light green w/ black stripe. This is a jumper (?) wire that goes from the trans harness cluster to what I believe are the 2 output speed sensors.

    I HAVE NO EXCUSES. Even though I didn't have any real reason to doubt the competence of "so called" professionals I SHOULD have checked the t-case for fluid I guess AND that the harness had been fixed.

    So through speculation, general knowledge or experience, HOW MUCH of my issues WOULD have been resolved with the wire fixed AND the t-case filled? :dunno:

    I presume the speedometer would be a no brainer as the speed sensor (s) where out of the loop. Is it possible I was in a form of limp mode? I am MORE than miffed on the almost no fluid in the t-case too.

    As always thanks for any help. :thumbs:

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