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1971 Oldsmobile 350 rocket (built) into 1979 F150 (2wd) blownup 302 w/C4

Discussion in 'OPEN TRUCK DISCUSSION' started by ramrod1979, Jul 26, 2020.

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  1. ramrod1979

    ramrod1979 I'm NEW... What now?

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    Jul 26, 2020
    Hello everybody! I've got this built 350 rocket that I built in the earlier 2000's with a high performance built 700r4 that I was going to drop in my 71 Cutlass S. Long story short the Gutless didn't make it. So I have this beast, ( probably sniffing 450hp)of a torque monster just sitting there. Joe Mondello did the heads when he had his shop out in Atascadero,CA before he moved his operation to TN. Great friend, great guy and he sure is missed!
    So I have this 79 F150 2wd in great shape with a cooked 302 in it that one of my employees blew up on me. It's a flat bed and has a C4 in it that is also solid.

    Just would like to know what the community thinks, suggestions, ideas, thoughts of what would you folks do. May have to make motor mounts or to a Chevy mount to Ford etc. After doing research, couldn't find much info on motor mounts. Just running it up the flag pole and sure would appreciate any info on experience or what would work easily and where I may hit a wall.

    thanks and wish all the best.
  2. kennythewelder

    kennythewelder B31-3 (6 G ) certified

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    Aug 13, 2018
    You can put just about any engine, in just about any truck you want, as long as there is enough room under the hood. Thing is if its just for a driver, then it doesnt matter, but it takes away from the value of a classic truck like that. IMO, you would be better off salling the rocket 350, and putting that money into rebuilding the 302. Or find an Olds for the 350. But hey its you stuff, do what makes you happy.
  3. OldCracker29

    OldCracker29 I've been knocked down drug out and left for dead

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    May 26, 2009
    NE Ohio
    Do it!

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