1. Black02Silverado

    Preferred Customer/Catalog Customer Promo

    For a limited time, Preferred Customers and online/catalog customers get one free bottle of Quickshot® with their $75 order when they use promo code FREEQS. The offer ends Feb. 27, 2024. You can contact me or order here. Want to save up to 25% off sign up as a Preferred Customer, $10 for six...
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    AMSOIL Commercial account Promo

    For a limited time, commercial accounts get six free bottles of AMSOIL P.i.® Gasoline Additive or Diesel All-In-One with their order of $500 or more when they use code FREE6PI for P.i. or FREE6DX for Diesel All-In-One. The promotion ends March 5, 2024. Own a business and want to sign up for a...
  3. Black02Silverado

    New Hybrid Oil from AMSOIL

    For those that have a second vehicle and it might be a hybrid, You have now a new option for your oil changes. AMSOIL's Hybrid Oil These oils have been designed and tested to be the best oil for a hybrid vehicle due to the nature of their operation. All starting and stopping and...
  4. Black02Silverado

    195-hp Turbocharged UTV Torture Test

    For those that play hard, get superior protection for your toys. Contact me for products or visit my website.
  5. Black02Silverado

    Gale Banks visits AMSOIL in Superior WI.

    Here are two interesting videos. They are long but it is cool to see how oil is packaged and the information on the differences in oil groups as well as how diesel oil helps keep engines clean. This one helps to explain more about the chemistry of synthetic oil. This one is interesting...