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    The new Suzuki Jimny Sierra

    Even though I'm sure NHTSA would never certify it as a 4-seater, and the average Joe would not be willing to buy a 2-seater version in order to circumvent crash regulations, the new Jimny Sierra could be a good contender to those side-by-side ATVs. Interior space was improved. I couldn't fit...
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    What about the Lamborghini Urus?

    It does look good on white. Spotted this one while walking the dog a while ago.
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    Volkswagen Kombi may keep on trucking

    Volkswagen could have exploited the same regulatory loophole that allowed Ford to keep making the Troller without airbags, but it would be impossible to circumvent the ABS mandate. However, since even some small-displacement motorcycles are now fitted with ABS it didn't really seem impossible at...
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    Volkswagen to Eliminate Naturally Aspirated Engines from Next-Gen Lineup

    It's been a while and, even though I see a lot more Volkswagens with turbocharged engines, surprisingly some regional export versions of the Polo, Virtus and T-Cross are only available with the 1.6L naturally-aspirated engine. IIRC only Paraguay also gets the Brazilian T-Cross with the 1.0 and...
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    Daddy bought a diesel!

    These have been marketed in my country as a replacement for those Tobatta tiller-tractors which used to be made by the local branch of Kubota.
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    I see strange Chevrolets.

    Had to revive this thread. Chevrolet Onix, that new one developed for China. This one is actually made in Brazil. China doesn't get the hatchback The new Tracker. Sales took a while to catch up due to the Coronavirus, but now I'm seeing these quite often. Exactly one month and...
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    Royal Enfield twins

    I like the Interceptor more than the Continental GT
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    BuRRp's New car

    Most of those I see are either blue or red. Never seen a black WRX of that generation.
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    2019 Silverado

    I have no experience (yet) with electric parking brakes but, in a vehicle with automatic transmission, the pedal-engaged parking brake still seems more reliable (even though in vehicles with a manual transmission, which in the current generation of the Silverado is now only available in the...
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    Chains or 4x4

    Better safe than sorry.
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    2019 Silverado

    What did surprise me the most are the reports about the 3.0L Duramax being a straight-6 instead of a V6 like its contenders.
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    CJ6 with metal roof

    I actually took these pictures in the previous decade when I moved to my current neighborhood anyway :jester:
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    CJ6 with metal roof

    The CJ6 has been made locally but is not nearly as common as the CJ5 back here, and AFAIK most of the American-made ones were exported to Sweden or for CKD assembly in South Africa.
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    Harley Davidson's new direction...uggh

    It's not just about the price tag. At least where I live, younger folks have been more mindset toward 4-cyl motorcycles. I actually prefer parallel-twins, since they tend to have a better cooling than Harleys. But anyway, since most Harley buyers tend to be quite conservative, and it retains a...
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    Motorcycle Picture Thread

    And you haven't seen even half of the uglier ones :jester:
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    Harley Davidson's new direction...uggh

    New riders? I only see older people riding Harleys :jester:
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    V4 Mode (Another Jenny pointless question) lol

    Cylinder deactivation always sounded quite pointless at all. Maybe it would make more sense to resort to VVT to emulate the Atkinson effect at low-load conditions.
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    Clear Bra (recommendations)

    When I saw the thread title I thought WTF for a while.
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    FINALLY! The 6.2 in the Tahoe and Suburban!

    Actually, even though conventional port-injection might look outdated at first, it seems to cope better with a heavier load factor and be less prone to overheating. Plus it's much simpler to perform a CNG conversion.
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    Chinese truck registered in Venezuela that appeared in my neighborhood last month

    Though the quality frequently doesn't match the original, they've been quite good at "reverse-engineering". Actually, according to a Lifan salesman, some Chinese companies that started copying older engines from traditional Japanese automakers are now even supplying engine parts for them.
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    Truck size doesn't really matter. Some gas-station cowboys would try it even with a small coupé-utility like those ones very popular in my country, instead of a similar-size sedan or station wagon :lol:
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    Motorcycle Picture Thread

    Gotta love those good old 2-strokes Now it's quite hard to find one of those Honda CG 125 from the mid-'90s that hadn't been beaten the hell out of Honda CBX 200 Strada, another one that used to be quite common here but is now slowly disappearing