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    Jenny's Blue Beauty

    Enlopement = a cross between elopement and entrapment. :crackup:
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    BuRRp's New car

    How much horsepower did those stickers add? :applause:
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    2015 Silverado Update

    My co-worker has a 2015 Silverado. Nice truck, but he has had some electronic glitches too. I must say, it is a nice relief having 2 newer vehciles that have yet to be in the shop for any recalls or other issues. 2017 Ford Escape has been problem-free since bought new in August of 2016 (~50k...
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    BuRRp's New car

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :)
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    BuRRp's New car

    Lose the WRX license plate frame. No need to have WRX on there twice right next to each other.
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    Just picked this up

    Yeah, they aren't too bad. Had a new one try to beat me and he only lost by 1 truck length from a stop to about 75 mph.
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    Service Stabilitrak

    Maybe a wheel speed sensor?
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    How MUCH is gas in your area?

    $2.67 here yesterday
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    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    Another GM-to-Ram conversion. :applause: I love my Ram so far! Nice color too! :thumbs:
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    One of our local car shows, Pic heavy

    Yep, those are my favorite kind of shows. Lots of them here in the Phoenix area too. I just need to start getting to more of them. Especially this time of year. Come May, car show season pretty much dies down til fall.
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    One of our local car shows, Pic heavy

    That Chevelle 'vert next to you looks familiar. :thumbs:
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    Fuel Economy

    I get 18 mpg (mixed driving) in the Ram. Beats the 12-13 I was getting in my Sierra.
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    Rate daddy's latest Tahoe mod!

    I bet that yard/landscaping kept you busy all summer.
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    Rate daddy's latest Tahoe mod!

    My '89 Sierra RCLB 4x4 was the best truck I have owned least from a build quality standpoint. I loved that truck!!!! It was very dark blue (almost black) with a dark blue interior.
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    Rate daddy's latest Tahoe mod!
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    Corvette Replacement

    A few more...
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    Corvette Replacement

    Yes, but not using (showing) it as much as I would like. Now that we are settled in here in AZ, I plan to attend more shows this coming car show season (it's off-season here in AZ in the summer).
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    Corvette Replacement

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    Rate daddy's latest Tahoe mod!

    That'll buff right out.
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    Storing Tires

    I am pretty sure it really doesn't matter. :dunno:
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    My official new bike thread

    Loud pipes save lives! :fingersx: Nice bike! :thumbs:
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    Fuel Economy

    Averaging 19.1 with my Ram. 75% freeway. My 07 GMC I was averaging 13.
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    How MUCH is gas in your area?

    $3.15 for reg here.
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    Looking for someone to help me with a few questions on my Sbc build

    If it's bored .80", you wont have any cylinder walls left. :fingersx: Yes, I know you meant .080". :cheers:
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    New Vehicle search

    Why are you limiting yourself to just GM?