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  1. Nick The Great

    Line-x or Bedtred ?

    My last truck had a spray in (some off brand) and this one has Line-x. I'm just a suburban dude that hauls a few bags of mulch every so often, but I'd never not have a truck with a spray-in. I have a coworker with a topper on his Ford, with a bedrug. It is 100% watertight and seems just like...
  2. Nick The Great

    Clear Bra (recommendations)

    This thread got weird :crazy: :lol:
  3. Nick The Great

    Jenny's Blue Beauty

    Nice ride! I really liked that color, but I was ready for non-blue after 10 or so years of it.
  4. Nick The Great

    Harley Davidson's new direction...uggh

    Meh. 6/10. It's okay, but I'm not gonna run out and buy one :lol:
  5. Nick The Great

    Airlift WirelessOne installed

    Awesome. I've always wanted something like this, but I don't tow enough (read at all) to justify. :lol:
  6. Nick The Great

    GMC or Chevy?

    :lolup: I have a friend who's work vehicle is one of the newer diesel Colorados. It's pretty roomy inside, and I thought about one when I upgraded here recently. But the price difference wasn't quite there. And mostly, the cabin is just a little cramped, and the back seat too. But they...
  7. Nick The Great

    Windshield Washer Concentrate

    I'd recommend checking that it is still all in there! :jester:
  8. Nick The Great

    Windshield Washer Concentrate

    I go through a lot of washer fluid myself. I generally wait for it to be on sale then grab a dozen or so gallons. :lol:
  9. Nick The Great

    Draenors Grocery Hoe

    I like the GMT900's and k2's, but those GMT800's are sharp looking rigs. :cool:
  10. Nick The Great

    My '85 Shadow 1100

    That works :pimp:
  11. Nick The Great

    My '85 Shadow 1100

    Awesome. I almost bought one of those a few years back. Glad you're getting her fixed up :thumbs:
  12. Nick The Great

    Che's 2005 F-150 Rebuild Thread

    Well????? :D
  13. Nick The Great

    Corvette Replacement

    A new era has begun! :lol:
  14. Nick The Great

    Corvette Replacement

    I thought you were asking what you should replace your Vette with. I was going to suggest something of the 60's flavor This counts :drool:
  15. Nick The Great

    Is anybody out there ?

    I'm just lazy. I did put a console insert in mine if you'd like a picture :jester:
  16. Nick The Great

    Dale Jr retiring

    I'm honestly surprised he's "only" 42. I would have thought older. Good for him though, I would have retired years ago if I were him :lol:
  17. Nick The Great

    Ordering a Truck

    Say it ain't so, Joe, Say it ain't so . . . :jester: Seriously though, will be curious to see what happens :lurk:
  18. Nick The Great

    Got Rid of the Truck

    Thanks again everybody. :cheers: I've never really replaced wheels before but I guess I gotta learn sometime. :lol: Hopefully somebody else out there really likes them and is willing to pay a lot for them! :jester:
  19. Nick The Great

    Got Rid of the Truck

    Thanks. I can't decide whether the wheels look better or worse in person :jester:
  20. Nick The Great

    Got Rid of the Truck

    It was a lousy design by GM. It looked like a plug weld was used to join the sheets together, and maybe the weld too hot or sheet too thin. Started rusting in 3/4" circles and really snowballed over the last year or two. Would have been a pricey fix, so I cut my losses now :lol:
  21. Nick The Great

    Got Rid of the Truck

    But the good news is that I starting searching for a replacement one. Started out looking for a similar situation, gently used 2016 with low miles. Same guy at the dealer we got her Enclave from asked if I had considered new. Long story short, with the GM rebates and a "good customer"...
  22. Nick The Great

    Got Rid of the Truck

    So I've had Old Blue since 2008. It was a 2007 Silverado Crew. Been through a lot of life together, and only had ~96,000 miles on it. But it was getting rusty and tired. It was time for us to part ways. :(
  23. Nick The Great

    Got her a 2017 GMC Acadia SLT2

    We just put >300 miles on her 16 Enclave over Easter weekend. I really enjoy driving that thing. It's quiet, smooth, and :quote: GM luxurious :quote: It wouldn't replace my truck, but it's great for it's intended purpose :pimp:
  24. Nick The Great

    Grandpas '72 C10 - Turbo - 5.3

    This should be fun. Glad to see pictures of people doing what I can't! :jester:
  25. Nick The Great

    FINALLY! The 6.2 in the Tahoe and Suburban!

    I'll believe it when I see it! :jester: