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  1. 1994Chevy350

    Quad beam setup

    What colol wires am I looking for? For the low beam and high beam? I'm Gunna try and do it this week sometime
  2. 1994Chevy350

    Quad beam setup

    I am looking for a write for the quad beam headlight mod, I don't have hids, I have gmt400. Looking for something that can be done by A wiring challenged person:lol:
  3. 1994Chevy350

    Tint and New Vent Visors

    Recently had my truck tinted by a buddy of mine for $120, he still has the brow to do but he didn't wanna waste tint for that. lol Then i picked up a 4 piece of vent visors for $52 at Orielly's. 5% back windows, 20% on front, gunna have a 5% brow What do ya'll think?