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  1. DUROC

    Muffler Mounting

    I'm wanting change mine to a dual inlet and dual outlet and would be mounting it on its side so thats why i was wondering
  2. DUROC

    Muffler Mounting

    Ok I've heard that mounting mufflers where the widest part of the case is parallel with the ground makes it sound different than mounting it with the widest part of the case 90 degress from the ground. Dont know if its true or not but any info would be appreciated.
  3. HID's


  4. HID's 3

    HID's 3

  5. HID's 2

    HID's 2

  6. HID's vs Sliverstars

    HID's vs Sliverstars

  7. BIG RIG


  8. DUROC

    RECON Big Rig Running Lights

    Just bought a set of Big Rig Running lights for my 97 Chevy truck. It has 3 wires coming off of each light, ones a ground, one goes to the park lights and the other goes to the turn signals. I cant find a wiring diagram with wire colors for the turn signals and park lights. Anyone have any info...
  9. DUROC

    GMT400 Chevy / GMC Trucks

    Re: GMT-400 Chevy / GMC Trucks My 97 Chevy. 9 inches of lift and 38 Inch Boggers
  10. DUROC

    Convertor Questions

    Thanks for all the input and advice. Now just to come up with the money so i can get that hog tuned
  11. DUROC

    Convertor Questions

    I had 35's before going to the 38's and wasnt getting but 11 to 12 mpg. I looked over there website and i think im gonna contact them and see what they can do to give me a little more power and mileage.
  12. DUROC

    Convertor Questions

    I left all the O2 sensors in the pipe and the check engine light isnt on its just killing me on mileage. I know part of it is needing lower gears for the 38's but even before then it wasnt getting what it used to get. Think i might look into gettin a tune for it and see if that will wake it up...
  13. DUROC

    Convertor Questions

    I had a guy tell me that his did the same thing when he removed the cats so he had them put back on and his mileage increased so I really didnt know if he was full of crap or what
  14. DUROC

    Convertor Questions

    I've got a 97 Chevy Z71 with a few mods done. Just put a set of headers on it and new exhaust with the flowmaster super 40's without cats. The cats have been removed for quite sometime but up until recently i noticed my mileage drop and was wondering if putting a set of high flow cats under it...
  15. DUROC

    4 Link

    Ok I've got a 78 Chevy Truck fullsize 4wd and im wanting to 4 link it front and rear. Does anyone have any websites that can help me in figuring out how to build it cause im at a loss. Any help would be appreciated
  16. New BOGGERS


  17. Up Close

    Up Close

  18. Off with the TSL's and on with the BOGGERS

    Off with the TSL's and on with the BOGGERS

  19. 38x15.50x15 BOGGERS

    38x15.50x15 BOGGERS

  20. 2320.jpg


  21. DUROC


    Yeah Ive noticed yall are all about the pics. I will try and take as many as i can
  22. DUROC


    That looks like a good place to mount it. If i mount it there i will make sure i get pics of it and the gauge for anyone that wants to see
  23. DUROC


    Where did u get that pan from?
  24. DUROC


    I bought the autometer transmission temp gauge got it all installedon the A pillar and wired up except for the actual sendin unit. Having a hard time figuring out where to install it. I want to put it in the pan but really dont want to cut and weld on the factory pan and cant seem to find a pan...
  25. DUROC

    Bushwacker Cutout flares

    I bout a set and put em on a 78 Chevy Fullsize. They make the world of difference on looks and use. Definitely help keep the sides of the truck cleaner. Let me know if u have any questions and I will help