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    Japanese Ricer VIP Convention!

    :lol: That was awful! :lol:
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    Carpet & Upholestry Cleaner tackles coffee stain

    Sweet! All of Adams stuff is legit...
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    2011 Motor Trend Truck of the year

    Very nice...
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    :thumbs: Nice pic, we got a dusting last night, that was it. :wtf?:
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    My 2010 Frontier

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    My 2010 Frontier

    lol, gotta love Photobucket, got some pictures of the vacation we went on last month in this thread now. Hershey Park, Sesame Park and Six Flags New Jersey, lol. Anyways, tuned the truck with Superchips for a month, didn't like it because the gas mileage went to hell. The acceleration was real...
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    My 2010 Frontier

    Thanks guys!
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    My 2010 Frontier

    Of course :lol: It does go pretty good. Got a tuner coming on Friday, a few guys have said it is a night and day difference with the Frontier...we'll see!
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    My 2010 Frontier

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    My 2010 Frontier

    More than likely I'll pick up a tuner this week and maybe paint the chrome bumpers black over the summer....
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    My 2010 Frontier

    THanks man! Its pouring right now, I'll do it real soon. Its looks alot cleaner.... Correct. Most of the time when someone buys new rims the tire shop will transfer them over from the old tires to the new ones. This saved me a huge hassle. I found it odd actually, because the guy did say...
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    My 2010 Frontier

    Picked up some 18" LE rims and tires off Craigslist. They have less than 10 miles on them and the guy included the pressure monitors for $500. Pretty good deal IMO. Hooked up the OEM foglights, debadged the tailgate, tinted the front windows (hard to tell, but Mass only allows 50% on the front...
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    License Plates Wanted!

    Pretty sure I have a plate in my shed, you can definately have it...
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    Let Scions be Bygones

    :wtf: :D
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    Looking at an '86 K5 Blazer

    Absolutely love that body style. A guy I used to work with had two of them, both had some pretty rotted out frames....but then again the conditions up here are different from where you live.
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    Worlds first prerunner on 44s

    Very nice!
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    Toyota 4Runner - Party Mode

    :lolup: Where did you come up with that?
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    Do you let people ride in the back of your truck?

    Nope, I rode in the back of truck quite a few times when I was growing up....too many idiots and too much traffic now.
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    '03 F-150 bagged

    Looks great!!!
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    Man turned down for Toyota truck refund rams dealership, blames stuck pedal.

    :uhoh: Its kind of hard to see if someone stomps the pedal if you are outside the truck, even inside the truck it wouldn't be easy. The first recall said to remove the floor mat, so obviously the guy can't read either.... Thankfully no one was injured at the dealer. Imagine being at a...
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    Stick on chrome stuff, not good

    Truck looks really good man, but yeah take off the door handle covers! If you get those off, and then remove the vent visors (get non chrome ones if you like them) and the pin stripe you might be surprised how much you will prefer a "clean" looking truck.
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    Microfiber Care ?

    I use plain Woolite, hang dry. Heres a more detailed account:
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    DV2000NJ's official 6.0 swap discussion thread

    This thread reeks. . . . . . . . of awesomeness!
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    Interior LED's

    Nice, I just ordered a few myself!