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    I love this, but how much is enough?

    Trading in my Stingray as soon as this hits the lots. :thumbs:
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    My Hers n His

    That gold bow-tie is ruining that front end, IMO. Black that bitch out. :D
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    Ford Mechanics Get Caught Abusing Customer's Car

    PZ12CuxmeFo This ought to be good. :lurk:
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    2015 F-150 Appearance Guide - HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LOT OF OPTIONS!

    The sport package makes this truck look so much more attractive.
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    GM moving up truck redesign

    My previous two '07 MY trucks were fantastic. I sold one at 29K, and the other made it close to 200K before it was written off. I didn't even change any fluids on it except for the engine oil. GM's reliability is probably the best in the industry, IMO. I'm going to be looking hard at the '15...
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    GM moving up truck redesign

    It doesn't take a genius to see that the current generation GM pick-up trucks are an abomination. Some of you drinking that GM kool-aid might deny it, but even GM doesn't. They are working their asses off to stay competitive with Ford and RAM at the moment. I have only seen about 4-5 new GM...