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  1. Carolinaboy

    Ford 04-08 F150 4WD - How to Replace Rotors/Pads

    Shanin, thanks again for posting this! Almost 6 years since you orginially posted it & I've referenced it twice! I just installed new rotors and pads from Brake Performance that I got while they were having a sale last month. Most shops wanted to install them for $250+ & I did it in roughly...
  2. Carolinaboy

    Tire Down..83k miles later- Goodyear Duratracs

    Missed you too I have no idea! Of all the things to run over. Sucker was huge... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Carolinaboy

    New Tires:Goodyear Duratracs are on!

    I saw a slight hit but I re-calibrated my tune and I average about 15.4mpg to 16 now. That's a mix of highway and city driving.
  4. Carolinaboy

    Tire Down..83k miles later- Goodyear Duratracs

    Good to see y'all too, life's been a little crazy here. Got a promotion at work and working 60+hrs a week and bought a fixer upper house. Been very busy and not much time spent on forums unfortunately. But my truck needs a lot of preventative maintenance coming up and planning on doing some...
  5. Carolinaboy

    Tire Down..83k miles later- Goodyear Duratracs

    What's up guys?! Long time no type :D Well I wanted to follow up with my thread from about 4 years back now about my Goodyear DuraTracs. I purchased them a while back at 96k and I'm at 178k now and they still have some tread to...
  6. Carolinaboy

    Draenor's Slow Build to go fast.

    :popcorn: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Carolinaboy

    Rate My Ride: BIRDMAN's 2013 SVT Raptor

    Very Nice!
  8. Carolinaboy

    Buck + 60mph+ F150= Not a good day

    Yeah I'm glad we are ok, I was pissed yesterday! :lol: I hope it's just the bumper not the frame, as well
  9. Carolinaboy

    Buck + 60mph+ F150= Not a good day

    :crybaby: Well my saturday didn't turn out to be the relaxing day I had hoped it would be. I was driving home from lunch with my GF and a big 6 point buck came out into the road at the exact time I was driving by. I didn't even see him until after I hit him ad looked in the rearview mirror...
  10. Carolinaboy

    Post Pictures of Your Toolbox HERE

    Very Nice!
  11. Carolinaboy

    Welp... she's gone.

    :eek: Keep us updated man, love to see what you end up with. :thumbs:
  12. Carolinaboy

    Got a new truck!

    Love it! The new 2013s look great with those projectors too!
  13. Carolinaboy

    Matt's first non-gray BMW

    I actually like it. Color isn't horrid but damn close. I love me some BMWs though!
  14. Carolinaboy

    Crushing! (New 'Hoe)

    Very nice Matt! I love them Hoes! :D2
  15. Carolinaboy

    How MUCH is gas in your area?

    $3.34 here
  16. Carolinaboy

    Superman's truck, WTF?

  17. Carolinaboy

    Traded the GLK in today

    Those are very nice vehicles. My buddy has a 99' and that thing is still nice for as old as it is.
  18. Carolinaboy

    The time is NOW.

    Neither.......If I had to pick between those. It would be the throttles though
  19. Carolinaboy

    Newest member of the family.

    Very Nice!