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  1. RebelThunder

    Looky looky Drawing 2020

  2. RebelThunder

    How MUCH is gas in your area?

  3. RebelThunder

    3100 Engine

    I'm looking at a 95 Beretta with the 3100 in it for a beater car. It has just over 100k miles. Are there any major problems with this engine. I've read some issues with intake manifold gaskets but thats about it.
  4. RebelThunder

    Coolest thing you towed.

  5. RebelThunder

    Amber or Smoked?

    Still layin on the shelf :ol:
  6. RebelThunder

    buRRp's 96 Silverado C2500

    Line-X and lowered? :facepalm:
  7. RebelThunder

    2014 Tundra Refresh Revealed and It's One Ugly Summamabitch.

    Cuz the current one is just stunning...
  8. RebelThunder

    2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty

    Is that a 3" receiver? I hate having one adapter down to 2" let alone two :lol:
  9. RebelThunder

    I Want Stacks!

    We feel the same about you fokkers :lol:
  10. RebelThunder

    OK. It's a fast Volvo Turbo Tractor.

    Pretty much has a stack
  11. RebelThunder

    I Want Stacks!

    This is the only way to have stacks: I hate single stacks.
  12. RebelThunder

    Duramax Lope, A couple of my favorites...

    The black crew cab sounds badas but the other ones I'm not a fan of. You can play with the fueling to change the lope.
  13. RebelThunder

    If this doesn't get you into the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will.

    It gets me into a killing mood more than a Christmas mood.
  14. RebelThunder

    F-250 Super Duty

    Needs cab lights.
  15. RebelThunder

    Duramax Lope, A couple of my favorites...

    No benefit, just for show. Just like smoke tunes.
  16. RebelThunder

    Excellent high resolution 2014 Silverado Pics

    It's pretty easy to remove a few bolts.
  17. RebelThunder

    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    Last night when I was backing into the garage I was a shade close on the drivers side I guess :lol:
  18. RebelThunder

    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    Smoked the driver side mirror. Spidered the glass all to hell.
  19. RebelThunder

    Sick Straight Axle Duramax Sled Pull

    Cen Cal trucks :puke:
  20. RebelThunder

    2014 Silverado / Sierra Walkaround Video

    So that mud flap in front of the tire is a "wind diffuser"? :lol:
  21. RebelThunder

    GM Truck Reveal Today

    I'll have to wait to see 'em in person, but for now looks like I'll be keeping mine. That interior sucks.
  22. RebelThunder

    It's time for another wheel thread

    I didn't ask you though :lol:
  23. RebelThunder

    It's time for another wheel thread

    On a 4 wheel dig truck, aftermarket wheels should stick just past the fender IMO.
  24. RebelThunder

    2014 Silverado with a bit less camo.

    Real life will be different but if it looks like that I'll be keeping mine. I've given up on finding a reasonably priced diesel. Would rather have the standard ext cab doors like they have now. Not gonna spend another $5k for leather and all that other shit to gain HIDS either.
  25. RebelThunder

    For all you lift guys

    Well if you get the FTS, ya gotta powder it puke green with some chrome, get 7-9" Bilsteins set at 9" and no lift in the rear.