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  1. NoMoney

    My brother's truck before and after.

    Your brother is a piece of shit
  2. NoMoney

    Best 200 bucks ever spent! Bluetooth scan tool

    I have a scan gauge 2 and it has saved my butt a couple times. 130$ it tracks my gas mileage trans fluid temp and a bunch of other stuff as well.
  3. NoMoney

    I love this, but how much is enough?

    Pretty cool car but I can't get the image out of my head of a rich douchebag blaring his radio getting out of the car like he's tough shit with his backwards hat and baggy pants walking into Walmart. Has to shop there to afford the car payments.
  4. NoMoney

    Tonka F-150 is the ultimate toy for very big boys

    One at the dealership down the road. I'm a ford truck fan but this thing has trying too hard written all over it.
  5. NoMoney

    Need a seat. How to measure?

    I'd check Craigslist for aftermarket seats. I have an aftermarket corbeau baja rs seat with floor bracket that I'd let go for cheap ($100) if you're local. I'm still thinking about putting it in my truck. I'm in Indiana btw.
  6. NoMoney

    The $4, $3, $2, $1 Wiper Wholesaler Closeout is Bigger Than Ever!

    Great deal got some for my car and the wife's car. The ones for her car are usually pretty expensive hopefully it's a good brand(trico)
  7. NoMoney

    Slammed Chevy CrewCab

  8. NoMoney

    Easier Said Than Done - A Rally Documentary

    Pretty cool
  9. NoMoney

    Very cool.

    Cool as hell. Would love to have one of those in my garage.
  10. NoMoney

    The 2014 Silverado High Country

    High country? Uhh ok lol looks good on the outside...
  11. NoMoney

    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    Well hells bells this was a napa filter too. We must have bought our trucks from the same person :D
  12. NoMoney

    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    Fram? That's blasphemy
  13. NoMoney

    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    Yeah you would have thought I won the Super Bowl the way I was acting when I got it off of there haha
  14. NoMoney

    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    I battled the oil filter from hell on the new truck I bought
  15. NoMoney

    What Did You Do To Your Truck Today? v2.0

    Well yesterday I picked it up from my mechanic where after the busted brake line was fixed. My stock wheels were stolen out of the bed too. O well who needs those ugly things. Today I wrestled with the emergency brake cable until I gave up and concluded it must be seized somewhere. Saturday...
  16. NoMoney

    Don't ever stop...

    Email pics to your local repair shop and ask them to fix it back to new condition. Just to see what they say :D
  17. NoMoney

    Going back, throw me a prayer.

    How did this turn out buckshot?
  18. NoMoney

    NoMoney's mod thread.

    Thinking about a muffler and Im not running true duals. Would it be bad to run a dual in dual out after the y pipe because Im leaning that way. No muffler at this time-looking at these...
  19. NoMoney

    NoMoney's mod thread.

    Thanks guys-yeah i love the hostages
  20. NoMoney

    NoMoney's mod thread.

    Got some new headlights in and the lights behind the grille positioned how I want them.
  21. NoMoney

    06FordFX4's Ranger

    That is a very nice ranger
  22. NoMoney

    NoMoney's mod thread.

    Got them mounted just have to wire them up. I think Im going to put some washers in to make them a little lower though they're kinda high.
  23. NoMoney

    NoMoney's mod thread.

    Got new upper control arms, alignment and new shocks all the way around. Rides like a dream. The current mod Im working on: KC daylighters behind the grill Cant decide if I want them more centered or towards the middle.
  24. NoMoney

    NoMoney's mod thread.

    Got the seat in!
  25. NoMoney

    NoMoney's mod thread.

    Thanks 97madness. I do miss my supercab. It nobody rides with me anyway