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  • I'm running 275/45r22 like the stock tires that come on those rims. but thats only cuz I bought them cheap. I was gonna go 305/40r22 just to get more rubber to absorb the road better though. The 275s kind of beat you up. I did notice it takes longer for me to come to a stop so I brake sooner and it did affect my milage, couldnt tell you how much exactly but it does. taking off with a taller tire means you speed up a little slower. I have 3.73s out back so it wasnt that bad. If you have 3.55s you might feel the need to upgrade.
    Yup, I was. I picked up the new Super Mario Bros for Wii. I dont know if we saw each other but I was the big guy with the tan jacket and a goatie. lol. Thats kind of weird. I probably walked right by you. When I was leaving, (I had my 97') I saw this really shiney Ford parked off to the side, so I went over to have a look. Low and behold, I recognized it from the pictures in your album. Like I said, its nice, but much better in person. :cheers:
    I saw your truck at Target tonight, looks even better in person. I dont know how you keep it so clean in the winter. :cheers:
    I am actually in the process of putting pictures together for an album. I had one on here previous but had some issues so it got deleted.
    Thats cool. I live on 138 (@ easton crossing town houses) pretty much smack dab right between the 106 and 123 intersections. I actually go to that Target every once in a while. I dont go to Bridgewater, but I am going to Massasoit's Canton campus for Diesel tech. Maybe I will see you around some time. Would be cool to meet another member.
    The best vitamin for friendship is B1
    Thank you for your friendship
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