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  • Yes, they did. They said it was just a tad large to run LS6 springs or stock L92 springs. Better safe than sorry to upgrade to a durable and reliable spring.
    So you possibly thinking about that cam? It would cost a heck of a lot less than going supercharger right away and it seems like it really woke up the 6.2. That is actually a really mild cam. Add some LT's and you would be likely into the 400rwhp range.
    Glad to hear all is well. Enjoy your vacation, you deserve it. I try to get on as I can, but like I said to Jim a while back, I read more then I post.
    Not too bad Clancy. Just been busy as all hell. Work, School, Work, School, more Work.. etc... Havent been able to spend to much time online, let alone here. :lol: Seems like a lot has changed too. You got rid of your baby, Darkanion got rid of his, and is no longer a mod, and I have like 5000 posts to read up on. :ohnoes:

    By the way, I like the new truck.... but you're still a traitor... :cheers:
    they are listed as Alloys 764 Poison chrome (Part#)
    size 22"
    offset I am not shure. I find them listed as RWD for a 2010 chevy tahoe
    lug pattern 6 x 139mm --5.5"
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