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  • My biggest fear is matching the paint. I should have gotten one when I first bought the truck, when it was new. Paint matching red is pretty hard, from what I have seen in the past. :(
    That is a nice hood, but I have my eyes on a different one. Some day I may get it. I may just leave it alone...... thanks for the link though. :)
    The 2 I sold for 90 total and I got 76.50 outta it. So they get about 15% it looks like. Still left me at a positive for those two tickets though.
    I just sold 2 of my Tim McGraw tickets on there today for 45 a piece. By the end of all of the concerts, I will have sold enough tickets for enough of a profit on stubhub to pay for themselves and the tickets that I have used myself.
    Thanks for the info on the tickets but we are going to be down at Kentucky Lake taking in some sun and fishing. We actually had 4 of them that I sold to a buddy so he could take his kids. If I hear of anyone needing any I'll let you know. I've had pretty good luck selling some of my tickets on stubhub.
    Yeah... That's basically want I want. I'm surprised you are only being charged for 2 of 3... I dont' really want to pay the $199 to get a new HD DVR..
    Yeah we have a hd dvr upstairs, a hd dvr downstairs and a regular hd box in our bedroom and we can record 4 things (2 up and 2 downstairs) and watch something else in the bedroom all at the same time. Its pretty neat technology.
    Nope we pay 1 fee for HD service ($10), 1 fee for whole home DVR ($3), and 1 fee for DVR service ($7) plus our box rentals (only charged for 2 of our 3 boxes) and then our programming package.
    Thanks for the notice. I am still far from ready for the swap though, may need to replace the upper piece too, so I'm debating on the project.
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