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  • Hey, i was wondering what grille you have on your truck. Ive been looking for one like yours with the perfect combo of black and chrome for my truck. could you help me out and tell me where i could find one like it?
    Sounds good man.. I didn't figure it would be to hard..

    But I have a factory sub in the back so I guess I'll be moving that out of the way.. Hopefully removing the rear seat back isn't to hard.
    Hey man.. Do you have any tips for installing the Wet Okole's.. I'm gonna be installing them this weekend. Any threads you paid attention to help put them on..

    Any part that was a real PITA?
    Yep, I actually just did some google searching and that's what I found out...

    reading from a forum from late 09' they said there is just an On/Off switch but Wet Okole was working on a high/med/low so I'll have to ask them when I call...

    I'll have to find a way to hard wire it... Not sure I wanna mess with plugging it into cig lighter
    Great to hear man... I have a black with a greenish discolored suede stripe in the middle... It went well with the seats when it was new, but now its disgusting!

    Maybe the one they supply would work till I can find a replacement.

    I'm planning on calling them tonight or tomorrow to get them ordered. I think I am going with the heated seats option, half piping, pockets on back of both front... Looking at $700 shipped I believe.

    I need to ask them how the heated seats work.. If its a button I can install or its got a long cord.. Not much details about it online.
    Hey.. I think I'm set on getting a set of Wet Okole seat covers.. I have a few questions for ya

    1. In your back seat, does your passenger side seat lift up (To reveal jack stand & whatever else is in there)
    1.5 - If Yes, can that still be opened with the seat covers?

    2 - What did you do about your center console lid? I suppose yours is black so you didn't change it?
    It pretty much was one. The user title and the other silliness should have been a clue.
    Yea i figured it would need a little cutting. i'm probably going to do the same. i dont want to mess this up lol. thanks again
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