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  • hey ya little bitch, how in the hell have you been? I just saw we were friends on here. lol

    you think ill need a d.shaft spacer with my 4in block & 2in AAL & 2in shackle?
    Yes, I am still in Ham Lake. Did your old tranny go out? Did you put in a built one or just a rebuild.
    yeah thats fine. I will be getting off work at 5 then I'll just be sitting at home. I'll give you a jingle after work.
    Chevy!?!?! it's a GMC (Gooder Made Chebby) FYI! LOL! I work until 5pm that day, so anytime after that is cool with me.
    Nice! That must be a nice area to hunt. I hunt on my buddies land that is in Lake elmo. Since it is in the "metro area" we can take as many deer out of there as we want. Got a few nice buck out of there in the past few years.
    Yes, I hunt and fish. I hunt deer and waterfowl. I have a cabin up near the Canadian border that I love to fish at.
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