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  • sweet man, if you wanna pm me your cell I can text you to let you know when we're almost there on Sunday.
    I know man, and I appreciate that. Apparently my parents got the rooms for $100. So they were pretty happy about that. Personally, free with you sounded like a better deal but some people have their preferences I guess. So is Koval in your neck of the woods?
    She didn't say the exact address just said it was the Super 8 on the strip
    this is the only one I could find
    4250 Koval Lane Clark, Las Vegas, US, 89109
    is that a good area?

    ps-thanks for looking out for us! :-D
    that would be awesome if you could.

    EDIT: the parents found a super 8 near the strip for a good deal. But we should still meet up if at all possible.
    8 including me. It's my whole immediate family and my brother's wife. Might go down to 6 or 7 but we'll know for sure by saturday
    we (my family and I) are rolling through vegas on the way to lake tahoe sunday night. Thought it would be cool to see you again. What part of vegas do you live in?
    Also do you know of any decent hotels with decent rates in the area?
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