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  • Hi Jenna,Gary(grampadirt,dirtyoldman)here.My wife has a '99 GMC K1500 Suburban and after years of wanting to do a few performance upgrades to it and having her say ''no'' she has finally said OK :) So after doing a some upgrades it's going to need a tune.Is there ever a time when Justin stays home for a few days? I was thinking of driving down your way and maybe do a live tune either in the Burb or on a dyno(if I remember correctly he has access to one).This will probably take place some time next year.

    Thanks,see ya on the boards,Gary :)
    We have a 2011 Chevy Burb 6.0 3/4 ton. I know nothing about these tunes as I only own the Landies. But Mark would like to know what ya'll can do for him.
    did you ever post any pics of the baby??? we wanna see!!!!
    I have a 33,000 mile 4.3l Vortec v6, interested in tuning it, removing the rear o2sensors warnings, more hp, etc.. Rough cost?
    so rpm at 6100,and spark? 1%?

    i know the calcualting of the sparke should be in degrees but the diablo uses %

    what should i do exactly i wanna make sure
    hey jenna...a littel consolation here..

    my friend have a 2008 2500hd 6.0 VVT sierra...i know they arent DOD engine

    so i programmed his truck with the diablo predetor and i sit the rpm shift points at 6400rpms

    i sit the injectors @ 3% +
    and advanced the spark with 3%

    he runs 93 this a safe tune? or should i lower the shift points to 6200-6100rpms?
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