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Oct 16, 2021
May 20, 2009
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Sandy Eggo, CA

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Oct 16, 2021
    1. dirtyoldman
      Hi Jenna,Gary(grampadirt,dirtyoldman)here.My wife has a '99 GMC K1500 Suburban and after years of wanting to do a few performance upgrades to it and having her say ''no'' she has finally said OK :) So after doing a some upgrades it's going to need a tune.Is there ever a time when Justin stays home for a few days? I was thinking of driving down your way and maybe do a live tune either in the Burb or on a dyno(if I remember correctly he has access to one).This will probably take place some time next year.

      Thanks,see ya on the boards,Gary :)
    2. sand man
    3. vansdonk
      We have a 2011 Chevy Burb 6.0 3/4 ton. I know nothing about these tunes as I only own the Landies. But Mark would like to know what ya'll can do for him.
    4. batman
      did you ever post any pics of the baby??? we wanna see!!!!
    5. sand man
      sand man
      do you have any dual exhaust systems for a 2010 regular cab sierra 1500?
    6. Ninja_Lawn_Guy
      I have a 33,000 mile 4.3l Vortec v6, interested in tuning it, removing the rear o2sensors warnings, more hp, etc.. Rough cost?
    7. sand man
      sand man
      sorry for the trouble
    8. sand man
      sand man
      so rpm at 6100,and spark? 1%?

      i know the calcualting of the sparke should be in degrees but the diablo uses %

      what should i do exactly i wanna make sure
    9. sand man
      sand man
      hey jenna...a littel consolation here..

      my friend have a 2008 2500hd 6.0 VVT sierra...i know they arent DOD engine

      so i programmed his truck with the diablo predetor and i sit the rpm shift points at 6400rpms

      i sit the injectors @ 3% +
      and advanced the spark with 3%

      he runs 93 gas..is this a safe tune? or should i lower the shift points to 6200-6100rpms?
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