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Sep 29, 2020
Jun 28, 2009
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No, we're not the TF misfits, we WERE the TF ITs !

hotrodpc was last seen:
Sep 29, 2020
    1. bubbatrucklover
      Good then we have a fucking understanding.[IMG] No potty mouth.

      I don't want to take a chance of offending a potential customer YEARS before they are old enough to buy things for their REAL toys.:crackup:

      So it says you're modding your profile. Let me know when you get done hanging up your calanders and girly pics.:naughty::eek::drool: :lol:
    2. bubbatrucklover
      Hey glad to see ya. I guess since you have been on here LONGER then me I'm on a pay no fucking mind list.:pfingers:

      I will send you a friend request and if you accept I only ask one favor.

      Sometime my friend's,neighbor's,cousin's dog walker's 13 year old son comes on here to look for parts and pictures of trucks. So if you could keep the shit down and not let it carry over from over :quote:there:quote: I would appreciate it.:crackup:

      Here's to being treated like adults.:cheers: I think we've MORE then earned it.:thumbs:
    3. davbell22602
      havent seen you in awhile
    4. davbell22602
      I remember seeing this screen name somewhere but can't think of where. LOL
    5. Stumpuller6.5
      hey are you going to be visiting us more often man? This place has really taken off! (-:
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    Winners NEVER Quit, Quitters NEVER Win !!!