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Sep 29, 2020
Jun 28, 2009
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No, we're not the TF misfits, we WERE the TF ITs !

hotrodpc was last seen:
Sep 29, 2020
    1. davbell22602
      Hey, crab was on TF at 2:30 am this morning.
    2. ducky1228
      i looked it up thanks for the info and i know about where it is
    3. ducky1228
      yes for the heads they don't look really bad but i was wanting to get them checked out and maybe a good cleaning is that the name of the shop and do you have the number handy
    4. ducky1228
      do you know any good shops that you would trust around and i am going to pick my intake manifold up tomorrow
    5. ducky1228
      yeah i have put them in the swap post on here check them out
    6. ducky1228
      hey need help with my heads need them to get them speced
    7. hotrodpc
      I'd love to have Lonesome come over. Another real good guy. I noticed Moostang is trying to participate for a change. About damn time. All she is ever did was come in and be a ...... well, you know what I mean, but never participated in the threads.
    8. davbell22602
      I sent pm lonesome7.3 a pm earlier today. Brad hasn't been since early monday morning and mud hasn't been since sunday night. Moostang took over for the week.
    9. crmzendrgone
      do we think lonesome7.3 will come over?

      Why do I think I have his email(crabs). let me look later tonight when I get home.
    10. davbell22602
      The pm went through earlier today. So if quit the forum all together he get in a email unless he turned off email notifications for pm's.

      Yes avatar picture is gone and he turned off vistor messages too.
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    Winners NEVER Quit, Quitters NEVER Win !!!