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  • I know. I read it all where they dont want me back reguardless if I get square. Even posts you made about google and my stupid posts. I will say that 50% of started threads was to help bring new members. Thats why I made them somewhat stupid questions. I expect to make a scene out of it. I was hoping they would all just ignore them and go on. But boy was I wrong on that. Congrats on the promotion.
    I'm surprised you havent posted the pics of rigged ladder rack yet on gmsquarebody forum. You guys are funny over in the chat thread.
    Oh And i have posted some pics here and there. Youll have to go check them out. Best way is to look up the treads ive started!!
    why hello ther. and you are??????? lol! all i got left is tranny and exhaust! and the inside is black sorry! but the out side is primer grey if that helps?? lol!
    Got a hold of vet guy and going to pick it up-It "IS"his vet. Said just needs basic rebuild. Didnt know whether it had a shift kit in it or not-been 4 yrs.Thinks he has yoke to.
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