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  • I would call where you got the chip from because it was running fine before. TBICHIPS.COM is another good site or ask. Check sensors maybe you jarred something loose. Good luck! Roland
    hey buddy hows life been a while anyways man having trouble with the damn vortec it was running lean and now its running rich after the chip kit i got came with new fuel pump and 18 psi pressure regulator and a chip that has the vortec timing and fuel curve but its acting like its not fully comeing out of choke mode or something any ideas
    hey buddy man just been busy as shit man working on getting a armed security gaurd liscence as well at a 3 month old man im still around just not as much be safe and talk to you later
    Last weekend I should have had a flag with me because I met this Nam vet and I thanked him for putting his life on the line for us.
    i have an idea for mixbreed.. let buy an american flag, ok.. then we each take to our favorite place or do our favorite thing and take a pic of us doing those things with the flag in the forground or background, then mail it from 1 member to the next and then send him the flag and the pics with a little note on the back telling him how we feel about him and what he is doing for us!.. i really want to do this, we need to honor our soldiers! will you help me get it going,? i ask you because your the HMFIC>(headmotherfuckerincharge)[/quote
    I want to keep my picture of my truck but I would mind a different one by my name. Can it be done with leaving my picture of my truck below? PM me with what you have in mind?
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