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  • Where are you are you ok buddy? What's going on with your truck any progress? I hope things are fine. If you can't log on my address is [email protected] You are missed on the forum buddy.
    Be safe! Roland
    Hey Ducky, you doing OK??? Haven't seen you post anything in awhile. So how is that motor swap working out now? Still hanging in there good??? Get in touch dude. My new primary email addy is [email protected].
    i have an idea for mixbreed.. let buy an american flag, ok.. then we each take to our favorite place or do our favorite thing and take a pic of us doing those things with the flag in the forground or background, then mail it from 1 member to the next and then send him the flag and the pics with a little note on the back telling him how we feel about him and what he is doing for us!.. i really want to do this, we need to honor our soldiers! will you help me get it going,? i ask you because your the HMFIC>(headmotherfuckerincharge)[/quote
    felt like I would make you a sigy and painted your truck.

    Yea, that's the guy. Pretty friendly...I only stop by for warrantee work and issues only the dealer can address so am not very familar with the staff there. I do know Ron Shirley Jr and some of the sales staff by name, however.
    No, I don't have it handy, but 66chevystepside probably does, he talks to Burt alot and is doing a cam install on his 66 Truck right now, so he just talked to Burt. Or look in for Moore Machine on NE12h St in Moore.
    Do you mean machine shops??? To do heads??? Or what kind of shop??? The guy at Moore Machine has been there for years and years, and done my work. His name is Burt. I turned 66chevystepside onto him and he driver from Midwest City to come to Burt. Burt knows what he is talking about, and does good work. Never had a problem with his work.
    Ok, I got your email, and your PM. I'll take a look shortly. Gotta a PM box and my Outlook is saturated with email now. Might be a good topic to start a new thread too. You are taking pics I hope. That way you get other opinions too, and if someone like yourself in the future needs help, your thread will pave the way for them and answer their questions. Don't be afraid to Post Whore. The more the merrier, espeically on a project that is meaningful, so we have something to go along with all our bullshit around here.
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