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    Guess i'll make a build thread for my F-250

    Well its been a while and I think the old pictures are gone but here's about what I think it looked like after the last time I posted here. Here's what it looks like as of today. I decided to go back to the chrome/polished look and I love it.
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    Guess i'll make a build thread for my F-250

    Yeah my last truck was chromed out at first then I went with everything black. So with this one I said I would do chrome wheels but I just got bored with it after awhile. I've always like those diesels though, sucks that they discontinued them. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    The Official DEF Usage Thread

    glad to see you're deleting it. I haven't ever put any def fluid in my 250.
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    Guess i'll make a build thread for my F-250

    yeah I've got the stock headlights apart right now waiting on projectors. I'm painting them tuxedo black and retrofitting them. I think it'll look better once I get the spoke inserts done in chrome. that way it'll have some chrome in the wheels.
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    Guess i'll make a build thread for my F-250

    So I sold my f-150 awhile back and I think I made a thread on here showing my stock f-250 when I got it. well, it's been through a lot of changes since then. first I put a 4.5 inch lift on it with 35x13 nitto trail grapplers and 22x11 xd diesels. after that I tuned and deleted it. here's...
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    Ford guy says that is sad...

    it says in the description the first run the tune is on and the second the tune is on stock. plus those are just dpf on tunes. they barely make any more power. the dpf off tunes will add an actual 150hp and 350ft.lbs to that 6.7
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    Aw Hell Naw

    lol about to break 300 now
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    It's been awhile but I got a 2012 F-250

    So it's been awhile since i've been on here but i just picked up a new F-250 last thursday. i think im in love :lol:. this is my first diesel so i got the bug now. first things will be a 6 inch lift 37 inch toyo's and 20x12 moto metal chrome 962's. then after about 15000 miles i'll tune it and...
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    New toy for the summer...Mini Boat.

    haha i had a bigger one but i bent it. i need to break down and buy one of those big adjustable ones. i think it'll be fun if i can find a light one. i'll definitely have to be careful though with that much power.
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    New toy for the summer...Mini Boat.

    ha yeah i don't think i'll get it up to full speed very often but i definitly will at least once just to see. i don't have any videos of mine since the motor is now off but heres a video of another 8ft. boat with a 30hp motor on the back. this one looks like it can get it pretty good...
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    New toy for the summer...Mini Boat.

    So i saw one of these found in a storage unit on tv awhile back and thought they were awesome. These are what they had before jet skis. I did a search on craigslist and found this one not too far from me so i picked it up. It's an 84 with a 73 18hp 2 stroke evinrude. My plans for it: 1. Paint...
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    The Suzuki Samurai build begins.

    i finally got the tires on today
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    Building my own camper/toyhauler

    i've found several around me that are mid to late 90's models for around $1000 or so. that seems reasonable to me, especially since everything works on most of them.
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    Building my own camper/toyhauler

    yeah i've always heard like 10-15%