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  • No doubt, I had fun with some dawg, and I knew they bring members, and why I still tagged them. But it only takes a couple idiots to take the fun out of it then, it gets stupid.
    Noway man. You're a different breed, you know that. And they already keep enough crap stirred up, so no, they didn't need anymore ammo to pick about. Unless they find it on their own, they're not getting it. I shouldn't even have mentioned you got a smallengine forum.
    You know what....I never got them on last fall/winter. They're on my list of things to get done this summer. I also need to replace my clutch (along with slave and master cylinders), front wheel bearings, and I'd like to replace the fuel pump too. Got a lot of stuff on the ZR2 alone to do. Then there's everything for the Z71....
    That sucks. You can keep an eye out on CL. Then swap 1 or 2 of them out for brake axles.
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