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  • yeah haha im doing it a lil at a time... i just got a tonneau cover coming in that`ll work with bed box and im getting some paint bubbles fixed next week and with xmas coming haha moneys gettin spread thin...
    yeah within the next 6 weeks. or so... im driving accordingly... like i run over drive off and stuff just to help as much as possible and having the edge tuner set to level 2 making the shifts lil firmer... hoping it`ll b good till then...
    thanks for the insight!!! yeah my truck right now runs 1300-1400 at 65 and its constantly unlocking torque converter or kicking down a gear... all i see is myself frying my tranny sooo i been running like 70-75 lately just to get lil bit of the rpms back..
    yeah everyone been telling me 4.56s... where i got the 5.4 and an auto i wasnt sure... i did the calculation and it came out to a 3.99 gear i figured 4.11s would work but i keep getting told 4.56s... i just dont want the thing screaming on the highway... i want it to run about 1800-2000 rpm where it was...
    hey i got 2 questions on ur sweet truck..... is that a 35inch tire for your spare...? and the 4.56 gears... whats ur engine rpm at when doing 65-70 on highway... im just trying get rough idea what i should get for gears...

    btw love the blue color!!!
    i just thought of somthing...why dont i do a design sketch and just take a pic and send it to you that way?
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