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  1. samuel majeski
    samuel majeski
    open for conversation!
  2. Lady Dominatrux
    Lady Dominatrux slims
    Are you on another forum called GMFullsize?
  3. Lady Dominatrux
    Lady Dominatrux txab
    You need some love on this thing. :-)
  4. Padgett
    I'm new please bare with me..95 Suburban ..ABS light came on,just that light ..I cleaned speed sensors on wheels where is the third...2500 with 454.
  5. downebro
    downebro ScottyBoy
    Do you have any info on the 2000 power window swap that you could pass on to me? i got a free donor truck and want to do the swap. my truck is an 01 and the donor is an 00. If you could help me in any way it would be much appreciated, thanks.
  6. dirtyoldman
    dirtyoldman JennaBear
    Hi Jenna,Gary(grampadirt,dirtyoldman)here.My wife has a '99 GMC K1500 Suburban and after years of wanting to do a few performance upgrades to it and having her say ''no'' she has finally said OK :) So after doing a some upgrades it's going to need a tune.Is there ever a time when Justin stays home for a few days? I was thinking of driving down your way and maybe do a live tune either in the Burb or on a dyno(if I remember correctly he has access to one).This will probably take place some time next year.

    Thanks,see ya on the boards,Gary :)
  7. cerealkillr
    cerealkillr thunderstruck
    I noticed you had a Dayton 10" HO for sale about a year ago. Any chance it's still for sale?
  8. Douglas
    Working on my 2006 Escalade front 8.25 IFS. Had bearing failure like many of you. I'm very appreciative of the info provided on this forum. I'm still a little foggy on the whole backlash setting thing but I'm sure I will figure it out. I have the differential apart and found one of the adjusting nuts didn't have the lock tab, well, locked down. My Escalade only has 79,000 miles on it. If I understand correctly, install the pinion gear and check the backlash and adjust it with the nuts accordingly. right???
  9. Kennyray
    My lappy does. I was asking for someone else for OBD1. Thanks for the info Buddy.
  10. dirtyoldman
    dirtyoldman Kennyray
    Linda's burb('99)I use OBDAutoDoctor & a WiFi OBDII plug in adapter and for my burb('95)(cuz it's OBDI I use Tuner Pro RT & a hard wired USB cord to my laptop.

    There's another program,Torque Pro,that I use with an app on my phone along with a Bluetooth adapter for Linda's burb as well.I use the laptop when I'm at home and the phone when I'm away.

    Does your laptop have wireless capabilities?